Lincoln Office And I3 Broadband Help Enhance The Nest

Lincoln Office and i3 Broadband Help Enhance the Nest

The Nest Coworking space PeoriaOur thanks to Lincoln Office and i3 Broadband for recent in-kind donations to The NestLincoln Office donated over $10,000 worth of office furniture to help greatly improve the offerings and aesthetics of our co-working space.  This donation has allowed us to offer “dedicated desks”  to Nest members who want a space within the office to call their own.

The Nest Coworking

Dedicated desks from Lincoln Office now at the Nest.

i3 Broadband InternetAnother great partner,  i3 Broadband, recently increased the speed of the internet service available in the space at no cost.  The Nest now has some of the fastest internet speeds in the region.  Comfortable and stylish furniture, super high speed internet, and a great co-working community.  Visit the Nest at 820 SW Adams in Peoria’s Warehouse District.