Farm And Food Innovation Story Series

Farm and Food Innovation Story Series

We hope all of Greater Peoria’s farmers had a happy harvest this year!  Recently, Tory Dahlhoff, our rural development coordinator, had the privilege of riding along with Derek and Garrett of Stewart Family Farms as they harvested their Woodford County fields of organic chicken feed.  

Harvesting organic corn on Stewart Family Farms.

That’s right—organic chicken feed, grown right here in Greater Peoria!  Did you know that hundreds of acres of Woodford County farmland are in transition to organics?  Did you know that hemp production is now legal in Illinois? Did you know a Logan County farm built a new food hub facility this year?

Learning about food systems at PrairiErth Farm.

Stay tuned this fall and winter for a series of stories, written in partnership with area agriculture professionals, as GPEDC sheds some light on these and other fascinating developments within our region’s farm and food economy.  We want to bring more attention to our region’s agriculture industry and share some of the exciting things happening in production methods, agtech, and beyond!