Client Services

The Greater Peoria EDC Team is on hand to help local businesses, site selectors, and our local communities find the resources they need to grow and thrive in Greater Peoria.

Local Businesses

The Greater Peoria EDC provides a variety of support services to local employers including facilitating meetings with other businesses, workforce development partners, and federal, state and local leaders, assisting with foreign trade zone projects, connecting companies to critical financing and business incentive programs, supporting research and data needs, sharing building and site information, and helping with workforce planning.
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Director of Business Assistance

Site Selectors

The Greater Peoria EDC offers a variety of support services to site selectors, developers, and business owners interested in considering Greater Peoria for their newest home.  Our Director of Business Attraction assists clients in real estate exploration, data collection, workforce considerations, and incentives.
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Director of Business Attraction

Local Communities

The Greater Peoria EDC provides a variety of free support services to our local economic development professionals and planners including access to business and workforce data, retail reports, and impact studies; community marketing; CDAP grant assistance; available building and site promotion; and inclusion in our economic development professionals workforce and attraction teams.
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Office Manager

Local Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur searching for support, the Greater Peoria EDC can help! Through Startup Greater Peoria, we offer a wide variety of services to those interested in launching and growing their own enterprise. Our assistance may include identifying financial partners, providing industry research, and facilitating introductions to larger businesses and potential customers. Our coworking space, business pitch competition, and weekly meetups are also valuable resources.
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Director of Innovation and Startups

Our Programs

Our programs have been carefully crafted to support the goals of our organization including helping our local employers to grow and developing, recruiting, and retaining a talented workforce.


Every year, the Greater Peoria EDC conducts face-to-face interviews with 100 regional CEOs and Business Leaders through our Elevate program.  The information gathered during these interviews provides a valuable perspective on the regional economy, data that helps to guide our actions in support of economic growth, and specific opportunities to help our employers overcome barriers to growth.  Learn more>
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Director of Business Assistance


The Greater Peoria Manufacturing Network is a group of world-class manufacturers, service, and logistics providers in our region working together to develop new and diverse sales opportunities. Network members market collectively through various tools, such as, and leverage their networks to identify and develop sales that they can bid on individually or collectively.
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If your Greater Peoria company has between 10-99 employees and over 1M in revenue, you might be eligible for GP Economic Gardening. This program supports the acceleration of growth for regional Stage 2 companies, surrounding them with a team of experts that provides market intelligence and expertise to help them fine-tune their strategy and dramatically accelerate their growth.  Learn more>
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Director of Business Assistance

Startup GP

Startup GP exists to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to launch successful ventures that contribute to the growth and sustainability of Greater Peoria. Innovative workshops and programs including 1 Million Cups, KeyStart Business Pitch Competitions, The Nest Coworking Space, and Startup Weekends are a core part of what makes Startup GP’s clients successful.
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Greater Peoria Farm Forums

GP Farm Forums is a new series from the Greater Peoria EDC to facilitate discussions among farmers and other ag-based businesses, researchers, and resource organizations to encourage diversification and innovation on farms and to foster the creation of new agriculture markets and supply chains throughout Central Illinois.

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Director of Communications & Outreach, Rural Development Coordinator


Searching for career information, internships, or STEM enrichment activities? is Greater Peoria’s career exploration one-stop-shop for students, parents, and educators.  The site provides critical career information and guidance along with regional work-based learning opportunities, and a long list of events and programs designed to support a student’s search for the ideal career.
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CO.STARTERS helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems by equipping them with the best tools and resources needed to support starters of all kinds. This nine-week program equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn business ideas into action.

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Director of Innovation and Startups


Hello Greater Peoria is a program that offers a variety of resources to support the talent recruitment needs of Greater Peoria employers.  A website,, showcases the region as a great place to live and work, marketing materials, trailing spouse support, and a concierge service are just a few of the services that are offered. Learn more>