ACT National Career Readiness Certificate

act wk_0The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT NCRC) is an assessment-based credential powered by ACT WorkKeys®. Issued at four levels, the ACT NCRC measures and certifies the essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations.

In Greater Peoria, employers are in need of a measure of soft skills and basic abilities to differentiate candidates who can successfully fulfill their employment needs. The ACT NCRC is an assessment that has proven to be effective in this capacity across the country.

Based on ACT WorkKeys foundational skills assessments

The ACT NCRC is based on ACT WorkKeys research-based work skills assessments. To earn an ACT NCRC, an examinee must successfully complete three ACT WorkKeys assessments: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information. These assessments measure a range of essential work skills, including the ability to:

>Perform basic mathematic operations relevant to the workplace
>Read and understand documents commonly found in the workplace
>Find information presented in common workplace graphics
>Set up and solve complex work-related math problems
>Determine the relevance of written information to work-related tasks
>Apply information derived from graphics to work-related problems

Four levels of proficiency

The ACT NCRC is awarded at four levels, based on the scores achieved on the component assessments.

Platinum: Scores of Level 6 or higher on all three exams
Gold: Scores of Level 5 or higher on all three exams
Silver: Scores of Level 4 or higher on all three exams
Bronze: Scores of Level 3 or higher on all three exams

How Greater Peoria Employers can join this initiative

The ACT NCRC is offered at Illinois Central College, but few students take the certification.  To increase the demand for the assessment, it is critical that our regional employers request the certificate as a part of their job postings.  Simply add the phrase “ACT NCRC preferred” to your job postings and link to the Illinois Central College ACT NCRC Page so applicants know how they can take the assessment in our region.

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