We Are Building The Greater Peoria Data Hub

We are Building the Greater Peoria Data Hub

Better data management means improved initiatives, stronger regional collaborations, and more powerful community and economic development storytelling.  With these goals in mind, the Greater Peoria EDC has taken a new approach to regional data collection and sharing with the buildout of a new regional data hub.

At GPEDC, we are carefully building this potential centerpiece to serve the collective needs throughout the region.  Although modest in its current beta version, it exists as a living prototype of a digital aggregator of the data that inform our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, our partnership programs that work toward those strategy goals, the region’s new and existing businesses, and that meet the research needs of potential businesses and people considering a move to our region.  

Although these needs require varied data, they share a great deal of overlap.  The Greater Peoria Data Hub aims to provide a useful starting point for those various users by pooling those data in an easy-to-use central location.  

Why a Regional Data Hub?

As GPEDC embarks on data improvements, many partners are also actively working on improving their own systems.  So how can we all align our efforts and do our best to use the same sources and tools to measure successes both locally and regionally?  Aligning our language, management, and tools is a good place to start.

The booming big-data industry and the proliferation of data tools now available make it increasingly easy and cost-effective to build detailed, real-time databases and improve data communication.  This has the potential to empower many organizations to improve their systems of program measurement and enable exciting data-driven storytelling.

Although these tools are now widely available and carry great potential for improving the data behind community and economic development in Greater Peoria, a great challenge remains in reorganizing our internal systems while also creating a more accessible and collaborative system among the numerous partners throughout the five-county district that GPEDC serves.

Continuous Improvement and Greater Collaboration

The current version is just a start—we want to work with our regional partners to share in the buildout of the website and align our data collection and analysis tools.  Together we can streamline the process of data sharing that is often hindered by out-of-date systems. We can improve our ability to tell our story and improve our strategies for sustainability.  We can work together to build a tool that works for the most users toward the greatest good for our region.

To learn more about the Greater Peoria Data Hub or to find out how you can get involved, contact Mark Renick at mrenick@greaterpeoriaedc.org