Peoria Pathways to Prosperity

It has become a common talking point among employers and educators… there is a shortage of skilled workers yet there are still too many people who can’t find jobs. Recently, a resolution to address this “skills gap” was reached with collaboration by the City of Peoria, local businesses, educators and support organizations.

The Peoria Pathways to Prosperity (PP2P) initiative places the emphasis and importance of education on the front lines. It is known that eight out of ten Illinois jobs require more than just a high school diploma. Increasingly however, fewer than ¾ of high school students will graduate and fewer than ⅓ of those will go on to earn a 2-year or 4-year degree. PP2P is designed to ensure that more students finish high school and are prepared to go on to earn a degree or required credentials recognized by employers. This initiative will benefit the greater Peoria area and meet it’s economic and community goals to enhance regional and global competitiveness. The resolution is significant because it reflects the commitment made by parents/guardians, businesses, higher educational institutions, public schools and the students themselves to collaborate in meeting shared goals.

The resolution for Peoria Pathways to Prosperity was signed and made official recently. The partnership is made up of Peoria Public Schools, the City of Peoria, CEO Council, Illinois Central College, Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, Peoria Federation of Teachers, and Focus Forward Central Illinois. The team will develop plans and action teams for strategic development of PP2P by June of 2015.