Peoria County Maps Out Strengths

By: Sophie Nielsen-Kolding WMBD/WYZZ TV
Updated: November 14, 2012

PEORIA- Leaders from across Peoria County along with citizens talked about Peoria’s strengths Wednesday, hoping they can use them down the road to make the county better.

They came up with areas like healthcare, the Agriculture Lab and the region’s concentration of engineers. They discussed how to make money off of these in ways that will increase Peoria’s population, wealth in the community and up the number of people in the workforce.

Peoria city manager, Patrick Urich said it’s important to hear from everyone in the community in order to reach these goals.

“It’s critically important that we have people from all walks of life people that are active in different industries, people that are active in the public sector, people that are active in the private sector, because we all have a stake in the economy,” Urich said.

This is part of a regional push called the Focus Forward Central Illinois Initiative.  This same kind of meeting will happen in Woodford County Thursday.