GP Startup Is A Leader In Autonomous Car Technology

GP startup is a leader in autonomous car technology

I bet you didn’t know that critical technology driving the autonomous car industry is being developed and produced right here in Greater Peoria. Buckle up for a quick spotlight on AutonomouStuff, a startup headquartered in Morton that is a big player in the autonomous technology industry.

AutonomouStuff is a startup founded in 2010 by CEO Bobby Hambrick, a native of the region and graduate of East Peoria High School.  His passion for robotics and an entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of this company that is now a successful supplier of components to OEMs of autonomous products. They also build autonomous vehicles themselves…that is to say, they build driver-less cars!

Not only that, but they also sell data storage kits, middleware, and software application services. Basically, they make it easier for people, like robotics company representatives, to gain access to the technology they need to solve problems.

With over 2,000 customers, AutonomouStuff is is now selling internationally and growing faster than ever.  With employees currently located in Morton, Silicon Valley, Detroit, and abroad, they are working toward doubling their workforce from 30-ish to 60 by the end of 2017!

We were excited to have some of the team members from AutonomouStuff, including Bobby Hambrick, at our Spring Startup Mixer last week.  Bobby spoke for a bit about his company, their talented team, and their plans to expand.  They also brought along one of their cars and two lucky attendees won the chance to visit the Morton headquarters for an exclusive autonomous ride!

It’s really amazing and encouraging to realize that this cutting-edge automation and fast-growing business not only started in our region, but is continuously growing here.  Here at Startup GP, we are constantly working to improve the regional ecosystem to help startups take root and thrive – and lead the growth of our innovation economy.

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