FFCI “Connects” The Dots To The Areas Top Assets

WMBD 1470

The Focus Forward C-I movement is progressing right on schedule. The new 4-county economic development driver holds it’s Phase 3 “milestone reached” event Thursday night at Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Hundreds of people involved in the new economic plan got together to hear a presentation of how far along the strategy is, and where to go from here. This event highlighted the top assets in the region.

And, the consultant, ViTAL Economy worked with the group to lay out a plan to connect the assets. Consultant Frank Knott says this is about taking unconnected assets in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford and Mason Counties and bringing them together in a cohesive unit.

Knott’s equation is to increase productivity to gain more prosperity. The goal is to see $1.7 billion dollars of new economic development in the next 5 years.

Over 1,000 people have been involved in this process to date, and the group wants to grow more.