Note From The CEO: CEDS Priority Projects Pitched To Funding Bodies

Note from the CEO: CEDS Priority Projects Pitched to Funding Bodies

by Denny Kief, Interim CEO, Greater Peoria EDC

Last spring, the GPEDC opened a Call for Projects for the next round of development projects as part of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) funding cycle.  Of the 21 projects submitted for consideration, 10 were chosen for prioritization.

On Thursday September 28, GPEDC hosted the second Greater Peoria CEDS Projects Pitch Presentation.  During the session, representatives of the top 10 projects from our region presented to a roundtable of State and Federal funding organizations. Those presenting included Peoria County as well as the municipalities of Pekin, Peoria, Washington and Atlanta.

In addition, I was able to brief the roundtable on the other projects that were submitted but did not have the opportunity to present.  Those representing the funding organizations will be reaching out to many of the projects to provide guidance on pursuing funding through their agencies.

Based on the comments received, this event was as significant a success as the one 21 months ago.

The first round of presentations occurred in January of 2016 and was a big success. 2 of those projects have already been fully funded — University Street improvements in Peoria and the Business Park expansion in Havana

We look forward to digging in to the next round of projects and building on the momentum generated from the previous effort.  Stay tuned!

Here is a list of this year’s submitted projects: