Business Spotlight: Titan Industries

Business Spotlight: Titan Industries

It’s a problem that many businesses have when they’re looking to increase production. A business has the will, the resources, and can get the talent, but their location just doesn’t have the right infrastructure. This was the problem that Titan Industries was facing when they built their new facility in the Village of Deer Creek.

Titan had just moved to a new facility to supplement their increase in production, but the road leading to their new building was not sufficient for the amount of truck traffic coming in and out. Titan approached the Village of Deer Creek and the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council looking for help to identify and assist with the financial resources that would make this project possible.

With the help of Sally Hanley and Jim Cummings at the GPEDC and Angela Rich, President of Titan Industries, the Village of Deer Creek was able to secure grants from IDOT and the IL Community Development Assistance Program for Economic Development (CDAP-ED) that allowed them to finish the road. The new street has become an asset to both the Village of Deer Creek and Titan Industries.

One of the requirements of the grant was that Titan Industries needed to create six new full-time positions by 2018. They have since more than doubled that number.

“We’ve hit that number already,” says Angela Rich, “We’re actually at 15 full-time employees and we’re at full capacity.”

Since the completion of their new building nearly one year ago, Titan Industries is enjoying their new building, team, and infrastructure.

“I’m very fortunate. My team works very well together. Everyone is locked into the program and working hard.”

If your business is seeking help to move forward with an expansion project, contact Sally Hanley, Director of Business Assistance at or call (309) 495-5953.