Mason County

Snapshot - Mason County

Median Age44.6
Median Income$42,260
Source: 2013 US Census Bureau

Bordered by the Sangamon and Illinois Rivers, Mason County is well situated for industrial and agricultural growth. With its fertile soil, the county has been recognized as one of the leading agricultural areas in Illinois. Since the advent of irrigation, farmers have diversified into many specialty crops such as popcorn, melons, green beans, peas, and pumpkins–earning the county title: “The Imperial Valley of the Midwest.” Mason County is home to the Jake Wolf Memorial Fish hatchery, the Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge, the Sand Ridge State Forest, the Mason State Tree nursery, and the Sanganois Conservation Area. Mason County, home to 14,327 people and the smallest county in the region, has a rich historical heritage which is to a large degree still preserved in the architecture, the landscape, and even the lifestyle and the memories of its citizens. Learn more about Mason County.

Workforce - Mason

Labor Force6,398
Unemployment Rate6.8%
Avg Yearly Unemployment8.2%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2015

Employment By Industry - Mason

Industry# of Jobs% of Workforce
Crop and Animal Production1725%
Wholesale Trade2508%
Retail Trade37812%
Transportation and Warehousing1164%
Finance and Insurance1134%
Health Care and Social Assistance2426%
Accomodation and Food Services33010%
Other Services (except Public Administration803%
Source: 2014 EMSI

Top Private Sector Companies - Mason

RankCompanyEmployees In County
1Sunrise AG Service Company71
2Darling International Inc.50
3Seneca Foods Corporation50
4M.K.i Inc32
5Av Trucking, LLC30
6Fornoff Fertilizer20
7Hull Trucking of Mason City, Inc20
8ADM Grain River System, Inc20
9Metal Culverts, Inc20
10Mason City Banner Times14

Educational Attainment - Mason

 High School Graduate +Bachelor's Degree +
Mason County85.4%14.2%
United States86%28.8%
Source: 2013 US Census Bureau